The internetwork of life molecules research center (IoL) is one of the research centers at Yamaguchi university and was founded on Aug. 3rd. 2017. Our center is composed of 9 core members, Takashi Nishikata (Assoc. Prof., Head of IoL), Shin Kamijo (Assoc. Prof., co-Head), Kenta Fujii (Assoc. Prof.), Michinori Sumimoto (Assoc. Prof.), Ai Takano (Assoc. Prof.), Yuki Sago (Assist. Prof.), Yuki Hara (Assist. Prof.), Takuji Kawamoto (Assist. Prof.), and Tomohiro Doura (Assist. Prof.). The interests of core members are very broad, such as organic chemistry, agriculture, medicinal science, calculation chemistry, cell biology, and veterinary. Those divergent scientists from different fields will cooperate together to establish new scientific research fields to solve human health and provisions problems. For systematic study of those important research topics, we divided our projects into the following 3 stages:

A practical stage
A research for health and provisions. The behaviors of life molecules in plants growing and infectious disease.

An application stage
A research for cells. The relations between life molecules and cells.

A basic stage
A research for life molecules. The synthesis and dynamics of life molecules.

Our final goal is to disclose the relations between life molecules and human being. We will provide the protocols to study how life molecules act in bio-system from IoL center.